Hampton Wildlife Fund

“The preservation of our wildlife is of importance to every man, woman and child in this state, and this movement
deserves the wholehearted support of every right-thinking individual within our borders, whether hunter, fishermen or not.”

 Harry R.E Hampton

About The
Hampton Wildlife Fund

The Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation which partners with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for the promotion of education, research, management and the administration of game and fish laws, which will benefit conservation of wildlife, marine and other natural resources in South Carolina.

Funds are obtained solely through private donations and special promotional projects, events and publications and are applied to very specific, yet far-reaching goals.

Contributions are administered by a board of directors comprised of eleven South Carolinians committed to responsible natural resources management and education. Although some of the funds are donated to special projects run by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, they, of course, are not used to replace any department programs already supported by appropriated money.

Public education in the principles of wildlife and marine resources management and conservation is a major thrust of the fund’s purpose, a priority to meet the growing need for better-informed caretakers of our resources in this age of increased urbanization and technology.

Other educations goals include: to survey and acquire knowledge of fish and game in South Carolina; to hold property in common for educational purposes; to assist interested individuals, such as writers and students, who contribute to an understanding of wildlife and marine resources management; and to educate and train individuals in fish, wildlife and marine resources management and law enforcement. To date, much has been accomplished...


When we ask you to invest in the Harry Hampton Wildlife Fund, we ask you to make an investment imperative to the future well-being of some of your greatest assets, the Palmetto State's wildlife and marine resources.

You can invest in the future of wildlife and marine resources in South Carolina through a tax-deductible donation to the Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund.

You may donate as a corporation, organization, club or individual. Donations may be made as an annual contribution, as the paid-up value of the donor’s life insurance policy, or as a bequest from a will. Real or personal property qualify as contributions as well.

Further, a donation may be made as a memorial gift to honor a deceased friend or relative. This last category is a particularly fitting way to acknowledge the dedication of ardent sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who would be pleased by such a remembrance.

Every donation to the Hampton Fund is seen as an investment, acknowledged with a letter of appreciation and tax receipt from the board of directors recognizing your contribution to the future of natural resources in South Carolina.

Charge cards may be used by clicking the "Donate" button on right. Checks or requests should be made to Hampton Wildlife Fund. You may mail your contributions to:

Harry Hampton Fund
P.O. Box 2641
Columbia SC 29202

For more or specific information, or to have additional information mailed to you, please contact us by mail or call:

James R. Goller, Executive Director
Phone: 803.600.1570
Email: Jim.Goller@hamptonwildlifefund.org


Donate securely with your credit card by clicking the button above. A box is included where you may direct your donation, such as, "In memory of John T. Doe, 1111 Any Street, Anywhere, SC 29000.